Tuesday, 17 April 2018


Skincare is the most important part in your beauty routine - FACT! Having a healthy, radiant, moisturised and blemish free base is vital to making your makeup look flawless.

Below are my top 5 skincare products that I use every single day.


1. Aluminè Exfoliating Pumpkin Facial Scrub
RRP: £26.40

This face wash changed my life! Sounds dramatic right? Wrong. After having a baby we all know there are a lot of changes that your body goes through, your hormones are so imbalanced that you can suffer hair loss, breast changes, stomach changes and one that I really suffered with was skin changes (discolouration, acne, dryness). Initially I received a sample of this facial scrub and I was blown away with the immediate effect it gave me. Do you ever take your makeup off with a wipe and think it has all been removed? I guarantee that if you go in again with another wipe after you think your done you will find more makeup on there. This product exfoliates your skin removing any of that left over makeup, dirt and dead skin cells. I am prone to break outs on my chin and have been left with scarring because of this but this wash has lightened my dark spots and always leaves my skin feeling soft and clean.

When do I use it?
I use this product every night after removing my make-up.

2. Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate
RRP: £38.00

Wow I do not know where to begin with this oil! This is one of those products that you go out and purchase before it even runs out just so that you have a back up at the ready. According to the Kiehls website this product aims to repair and rejuvenate skin overnight (particularly between 12:00-4:00am when the skin is most absorbent). I have been using this oil for over a year and it never disappoints. It helps my skin regain moisture that had been lost throughout the day and leaves it looking radiant and smooth by morning.

When do I use it?
This is final step in my night time routine and I apply a small drop of this evenly to my face before bed.

3. Mario Badescu Gycolic Eye Cream
RRP: £16.00

I am so over the top when it comes to wrinkles. I'm only 22 but I'm doing everything I can to prevent them.. even if that means starting at this early age! I actually had this eye cream gifted in a Mario Badescu skincare set and it's the only thing I ended up using from it. I believe any eye cream is pretty standard; they all aim to reduce fine lines and make the under eyes appear brighter, smoother and youthful which is exactly what this one does. It's benefits being it is very rich and creamy.

When do I use it?
I use this morning and night.

4. MAC Prep + Prime FIX+
RRP: £19.00

A hydrating mist is essential in any beauty lovers collection. As MAC describes it this product is a lightweight water mist that gently soothes and refreshes your skin leaving it hydrated. FIX+ is infused with a blend of green tea, chamomile and cucumber. When my face is looking a little dull or dry I just spray this on to give my skin that soft sheen it's longing for. You can also use this over makeup to set it in place or if you have gone over the top with the translucent powder you can spritz this on and it will help blend your powders together.

When do I use it?
I take this with me on the go to use as and when.

5. Benevita Women VITA+ Vitamin Supplement
RRP: £18.00

Now this isn't exactly your generic skincare product this is a small capsule that alone contains 13 vitamins, 11 minerals, a source of iron, calcium and Alfalfa juice. Getting the right vitamins in along with 2 litres of water per day will provide your body with antioxidants restoring optimal health and nourishing your skin.

When do I take it?
Every morning with breakfast.

Thank you for reading. Please let me know of any suggestions on what you would like to see next!

Chloe xx


For me I love pretty much ALL of the higher end market of makeup including Nars, Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder but as we all know they can be veryyyyyy expensive. Lately I've been loving some super inexpensive drugstore products which literally make you question why you hadn't tried them before?

I've rounded up some of my all time favourites (some old and new) to share with you.


1. Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation
Official product description: "air-whipped liquid provides perfecting coverage for 100% poreless skin, ideal for normal skin, oil-free, fragrance-free, dermatologist-tested, allergy-tested, non-comedogenic, won’t clog pores, safe for sensitive skin"

You know those products that you've just been using since you can first remember it's now just second nature to reach for it every time you apply makeup? Well this is mine! I have been using this foundation forever it gives a medium-buildable coverage which is perfect for wearing to work (although believe me if I could afford to wear my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation every day I would). I have used this foundation both with and without a primer and honestly both times it made my skin look poreless and smooth. I would compare this foundation to the Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich foundation because they both have a very liquidy consistence but dry into a semi-matte once applied.


Price - £7.99 (30ml)
Shade - 048 Sun Beige

2. MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder
Official product description: "this highlighting powder instantly radiates and lifts any complexion, this can be applied all over for an added radiance or applied to the cheek bones and under the brow bone to lift and accentuate your natural features"

MUA products are quite hard to come across but if your lucky enough to live by a Superdrug that carries this then you'll know how amazing these products are for how little they cost. I picked up this highlighter because it looked sooooo pretty and when I swatched it I couldn't believe how pigmented it was. The design reminds me of MAC Whisper Of Guilt highlighter which also sold it to me! It does look quite powdery in the pan but I can assure you when applied it feels so creamy and will suit almost any skin tone. I sweep this across my cheeks with a fan brush and down the bridge of my nose to give me that 'lit from within' look haha.


Price - £3.00 (7.5g)
Shade - Gold

3. Nivea For Men Post Shave Balm
Official product description: "sensitive post shave balm calms the skin after shaving and combats irritation and moisture, this alchohol-free formulation is perfect for sensitive skin that lacks moisture, it contains calming bisabolol and calendula, anti-irritant allantoin and moisturising agents; soothing panthenol and vitamin e"

If you haven't heard about this pot of gold where have you been?! This shave balm earned holy grail status in 2015 when NikkiTutorials shared how good this balm is as a face primer to her youtube followers. I can see why it is a beauty cult favourite because this stuff is like glue for your foundation! This is my most recent beauty buy and let me tell you I was sceptical at first because there are a lot of reviews about this having a strong manly smell but although it does definitely have some sort of scent to it it is fairly light and doesn't linger on the skin
so you won't have to worry about smelling it all day. I'm a sucker for a good primer my favourites are Smashbox Photofinish and Benefit Porefessional so when I heard about this I knew I had to try it. I got it whilst it was on offer for £2.49 so I thought even if it doesn't work you really can't go wrong for that price and if I didn't like it I just planned on giving it to my boyfriend (that didn't happen though because it actually worked!) You basically just dab it on to your face before you apply your foundation making sure it's evenly applied and let it sink in for about 3-4 minutes. All I can say is wow! My makeup stayed put for a good 8-9 hours. This is a MUST TRY.


Price - £4.99 (100ml)
Shade - Sensitive

4. Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Concealer
Official product description: "micro-corrector applicator micro-fills and smoothes, active formula with haloxyl reduces the look of puffiness and shadows while fading the appearance of under-eye circles, apply neutralizer shade for extreme dark circles, brightener shade adds a luminous touch"

My favourite part in doing mine or somebody elses makeup is applying the concealer, it instantly lifts your face making it appear very youthful and airbushed. The best tip I can give you before you purchase any sort of concealer is to find out what skin-type you have.. do you have warm (yellow) undertones or cool (pink) undertones? For me I am fairly olive-skinned and have yellow undertones which means in Mac for reference I am an 'NC' compared to an 'NW' if you have rosy undertones. The best way to find out what your tone is to look at the colour of your veins in your wrist; if they are predominately blue then you are pink toned - if they are green then you are yellow toned. Now that you know your undertone you can pick the perfect concealers for you. Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser has been in the makeup game for years and to me it is up their with the more up-market Laura Mercier and MUFE concealers purely because it has the staying power of over 8+ hours. It has a mix of both cool and warm undertones making it suitable for a variety of skin tones. This concealer is great for cancelling out dark circles and brightening your under eye area.


Price - £7.99 (6ml)
Shade - Light

5. Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Lipgloss
Official product description: "amazing, addictive and definitely something to shout a-pout, it features the same ingenious lip-plumping technology as the original with superfill™ lip plumping spheres, which explode in volume when they meet the moisture on your lips (they’re like tiny, dehydrated sponges that expand when they get wet) plus lipswell™ natural plant oil infusion – an incredible microcirculation-boosting extract that makes your lips feel instantly fuller"

I'm not a big lipgloss girl but for those days that I feel like having glossy shiny lips THIS is the item I reach for, who doesn't want fuller lips with an extra oooomph? I have never found a lipgloss that plumps as well as this one does. It does have a tingling sensation, think pins and needles in the lips, but not to the point where it is uncomfortable - it just shows it's working! The formula has recently been improved, it contains no glitter or shimmer and smells like chocolate. I wear about two swipes on each lip to give me the full effect. When I am wearing this I will have to take it with me if I'm going out as it isn't 'non-transferable' and will get on glasses etc. If I don't drink/eat anything between applications I can get a good 3 hours wear out of this. If you want plumper shiny looking lips then this is the product for you.


Price - £9.00 (7ml)
Shade - Clear

6. Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights Face Illuminator
Official product description: "banish dullness and even out skinwith light-capturing crystals and photochromatic pigments, get lit from within look when you wear alone or mix with your foundation"

Illuminators are an essential summer must have - or all year round if you love that glowy skin like I do! I use the tiniest bit to mix in with my foundation to give me a really subtle sheen on my skin. The liquid formula blends in to your face so effortlessly and gives you that gorgeous fresh look without being too over the top. The formula is very thin and light which in my experience hasn't turned me oily or clung on to any dry areas. I would really recommend this if you are new to makeup and just experimenting with different things because it's so light and natural you can't really go wrong; you can also use it as a cheek highlighter, eyeshadow base or mix it in with your favourite lipgloss!


Price - £11.99 (30ml)
Shade - Bare

7. Barry M Dazzle Dust Eye Shadow
Official product description: "is a spectacular collection of breath taking loose, highly pearlised powder available in a profusion of colours to enhance your eyes, cheeks or lips, each little pot contains multiple facets of intensive reflective colour that glides on smoothly adding sparkle and sheen, these luscious barry m dazzle dust shades can be applied bright and bold or shimmering and subtle"

Gold glitter is an essential part to your makeup kit! I love using glitter on top of eyeshadows to give that extra sparkle and I always come back to the Barry M Glitter Dust's - they're just so pigmented and completely safe for your eye area. I like to use this when doing a smokey eye with winged eyeliner. I add a dark brown/black shade to both corners of the eye and dab this gold glitter dust with a flat brush in the centre of the lid as it really catches the light and looks amazing in photographs.


Price - £4.59
Shade - Yellow Gold


There are many more drugstore products that I love but these are just the first ones that came to mind.. what are your budget makeup kit must haves? Let me know, I'm always open to recommendations!

Chloe xx

Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Who doesn't love a good face mask right? These two babies from LUSH Cosmetics are literally a life saver if you have quite a problematic and combination skin type like myself!

LUSH is a world renowned brand and loved for their fresh handmade cosmetics. So for me when it comes to LUSH I am your typical girly girl I love the whole range of products which stems from hair treatments, body lotions, shower gels, solid shampoos to their most famous bath bombs.

Their skin care range is fairly new and I was intrigued at how these face masks are unlike any of their others in the way that these have to be kept refrigerated. I picked up these specific fresh face masks out of their eight piece collection because they are designed for break out prone skin. Each mask retails at £6.75 for 75g of product which is fairly reasonable compared to Glam Glow face masks which are also amazing but stand at £39.95 for pretty much the same thing!

LUSH says this face mask is - "A calming and moisturising fresh face mask packed with blueberries, calamine and chamomile, rose, and almond oils to soothe and soften the skin. We use wholesome blueberries as they are rich in vitamins and minerals, including the antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E that help to protect the skin from damage."
This mask is definitely my favourite of the two. The blueberries in it's ingredients really do make all the difference. Before using this mask I removed my make-up with a wipe and Garnier micellar water and cleansed and toned using Clinique 3 step skin care system in number 2. When my face was fully prepped and dry I applied a generous layer of this over my face and waited for it to work its magic. After 10-15 minutes the face mask set in to almost a clay which is when you know it is done so I rinsed my face with warm water and seriously when I washed off this mask my skin looked so radiant and felt immediately smooth and any redness looked instantly reduced.

LUSH says this face mask is - "A gentle and balancing fresh face mask with antibacterial tea tree and fresh garlic working together to cleanse. Fresh green grapes clean and cool the skin, whilst free range eggs tighten its texture and antimicrobial honey leaves it soft and moisturised."
Before I went to into the LUSH store I did my research and this was the mask that I was most excited about trying as I had heard so many good things about it. Although first thing I have to say about this stuff is that the smell is not pleasant which is to be expected considering it contains fresh garlic, organic free range eggs and tea tree oil along with other natural ingredients. Cosmetic Warrior has a thick consistency which glides easily over your face, I followed the same steps as I did with Catastrophe Cosmetic and after rinsing with warm water my face felt super soft and moisturised with no excess oils. After two weeks of using this twice a week any spots I had had vanished.

The only 'bad' thing I have about these masks is that they do have an expiry date of only three weeks which can lead to wasting quite a bit of the product but it is outlined on the back of the tub with the exact day it runs out which is a plus!

These products are definitely worth it if you have sensitive skin and you are aiming to keep your skin care routine as natural as possible.

Chloe xx